We would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the important laboratory research conducted during this project:

Laurance D. Linford – Lab Supervisor

Jim Walker - Lab Supervisor

Chris Martin - Assistant Lab Supervisor

John D. Beal – Architecture

Richard W. Lang – Ceramics

Michael P. Marshall – Ceramics

Rachel A. Bonney – Lithics Analyst

Marshall A. Beach – Bone and Shell Artifacts

Linda A. Heck - Field Lab Supervisor and Researcher

Deborah J. Kepp – Demography, Research Assistant

N. Edmund Kelley - Ecology

Robert L. DuBois - Archeomagnetism

William J. Robinson – Dendrochronology

Richard L. Warren – Dendrochronology

Jeffrey S. Dean – Dendrochronology

Arthur H. Harris – Faunal Analysis

Richard W. Lang – Faunal Analysis

Vorsila Bohrer – Pollen Analysis

WIlma Koschik - Floral Analyst

Susan Collins - Special Research Assistant

Mary C. Anzalone - Assistant

Mary C. Beaudry – Assistant

Rosina Lowance - Assistant

Jim Walker - Assistant

Zana Grant - Assistant

Larwin Measeles - Assitant

Nancy Warren - Assistant

Joan White - Assistant

Caroline Reeves - Assistant

Eric Collignon - Assistant

Carol Forsythe - Assistant

Mark Rosacker - Assistant

Jolynn Galvin - Assistant

Christopher Martin - Assistant

Karen Linford - Assistant

Kathryn Winthrop - Assistant

Gregory Williamson - Assistant

Valerie Hughes - Lithic Illustrator and Assistant

Thomas Adler - Assistant

Robert Adler - Assistant

Nancy Kernes - Assistant

Lee Barkman - Assistant

Tom Coughlin - Assistant

Alex Church - Assistant

Cameron Kuelthau - Assistant

Tricia Rentschler - Assistant

Tannis Johnson - Assistant and Ceramics Analysis Assistant