Field Report 1

Background Report on the Archaeology of the Site at Arroyo Hondo: First Arroyo Hondo Field Report, Douglas W. Schwartz, 1971, School of American Research Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This field report discusses the results of the 1970 test excavations at the Arroyo Hondo site. The excavations were undertaken to sample the site to determine issues that might arise in the future excavation. In addition, various archaeological procedures were tested in order to gain information about the time and manpower needed to achieve the goals of a major excavation. The central objective of the project was to examine the relationship between demographic growth and culture change at the Pueblo through the analysis of archaeological materials.

A summary discussion of Rio Grande prehistory is reviewed to show the archeological context of the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo. This summary is followed by a description of the site at Arroyo Hondo and an overview of N. C. Nelson’s 1915 work at the site. Finally, the results of the 1970 test excavations are presented, including the surface clearing of two adjacent roomblocks, the excavation of an adobe room in each of these roomblocks, the reexcavation of three masonry rooms, and the excavation of two test trenches.