Application Procedure for Use

Advanced students or scholars interested in using Arroyo Hondo Pueblo archeological collection at the School for Advanced Research as part of their own research may apply to use the collection. This program enables scholars and students to build on the intensive research and publication previously conducted at Arroyo Hondo Pueblo. 

This large, 14th-century site located near Santa Fe, New Mexico, was the subject of extensive excavations by SAR in the early 1970s. The 350,000-object collection and all associated records are permanently housed in a renovated repository at SAR, with new adjacent research facilities. 

If the collection is used, SAR must be acknowledged in any publication and the publication must be shared with SAR. The scholar will work with the Indian Arts Research Center at SAR, who manages the Arroyo Hondo collection.

How to Apply

All inquiries should be sent to Please specify “Arroyo Hondo Collections Program” in the subject line.